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Our Product

We offer the service to store hashes – a digital fingerprint – of arbitrary files. This enables you to proof years later that a file which hash is the same as the ones on our server has not been tempered with. Note that this is not a data backup, but a way to proof that a file – that you have to store safely – was not changed after the point of the upload of the hash.


It is important for companies to show, e.g., during a tax audit, that documents like invoices are not manipulated.

Protected against manipulation by notarial confirmation

It is hard to proof that digital data was not changed. Unitl now mostly „tamperproofed” archiving systems are used, which make it plausible that the data was not tampered with.

But it is not necessary to make it plausible that the data is unchangend if it can be proven with NOTAR.direct that the data was indeed not changed. Therefore a checksum, i.e., a digital fingerprint, of a file is uploaded to our servers . This checksum proofs that the corresponding file did exist at the point in time when the checksum was uploaded and was not changed since then.

For example a tax inspector can easily check if some document was uploaded to NOTAR.direct soon after its creation. If it is, it was not changed since then. The day of the upload can be proven by a notarial confirmation if needed.

Highest data security

Our method offers the advantage that you as a company do not have to disclose any sensitive data to a third party, since the checksums can be calculated localy on your own hardware. You only need to upload the checksum to our servers. It is not possible to reconstruct the file from the checksum.

Integration into partnerprograms

For easy deployablility in your existing workflow, there is a growing number of document management systems (DMS) that offer direct, uncomplicated access to our service.

Register now for free

The usage of NOTAR.direct is free, but checksums will not be saved for 10 years, such that the free tier is mainly usable for testing.

To store the checksums for 10 years, we offer a chargeable „longterm archive”.

Open API

Besides the web interface for testing purposes and smaller amounts of data, there is a RESTful API for professional usage. A documentation of the API for software developers is online.